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Dr. Gregg enjoys doing public talks and running seminars with students and interested adults.  He has given talks to every audience from 3rd graders to accomplished academics on the campuses of Ivy-League institutions.
For the Kids--Imagination Rules the World!

It's true for all of us--our imaginations will rule our world!
Its important to encourage our young people to build a life-long habit of reading.  Using my own writing experiences and my own young adult fantasies, I talk to elementary, middle, and high school students on the importance of reading and the power of imagination.
Student programs include book signings and poster give aways.


Contact to book a visit.


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Academics, College Students, Civic Groups

Popular topics of recent lectures:
  • George Washington - I can talk about any aspect of his career, from inexperienced young officer to retirement after the presidency.
  • C. S. Lewis as a Political Thinker
  • Leadership and the Moral Imagination
  • ​A Defense of the Electoral College
  • Presidential Leadership and Constitutional Government
  • The Conservative Intellectual Tradition in America
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What He's Working on Now:

Dr. Gregg is at work on two big projects outside his administrative and teaching responsibilies.
He is writing a biography of George Washington focusing on his formative experiences as a young military officer where he becomes a spy and America's first adventure hero by the time he is 22 years old.

He is also writing a new novel, tentatively called The Spear of DestinyThe novel is part of his Remnant Chronicles but takes place during World War II as the Nazi's attempt to steal the Spear of Destiny which has long been held safe in the Tower of London.


BOOK NOTE: Autographed and personalized copies of all of Gregg's books are available.  Ask for a quote at
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